Google Search for Android adds "OK, Google" support everywhere - Liliputing. Does this mean that the Google Experience Launcher is no more?#

Google Puts the Phone at the Center of Its Multiscreen Universe.#

Engadget: "Living in a Google world: Why Android L means you'll never have to disconnect."#

Watch a brief video of the Samsung Gear Live Android Wear watch. From the video, to my eyes the Gear Live looks as large as the old SPOT watch I used to wear. I am going to hold out for the Moto 360. The Gear Live is going to cost just under $200, so I am guessing the Moto 360 will be closer to $250. I think the Moto 360 is going to be really popular if looks IRL as good as the video and pictures on the Internet.#

The Android "L" Developer Preview#

Common look across platforms, Chrome OS, tablets, and smartphones#

Preview being released to developers today#

Material design = card layout? #

Animated touch feedback#

Unified set of style guidelines#

Dialer is the first show case to the new Material Design#

Interact with notifications on the lock screen. #

Personal Logins (Personal unlocking). User can specify what devices to trust. Enhanced version of what is on the Moto X. I love this feature on my Moto x.#

Will run exclusively on the ART runtime. Will give performance improvement. No application changes. #


Project Volta, latest attempt at improving battery life. Improve instrumentation on battery data. #

Battery saver mode#

Chrome for Mobile#

Smooth animations#

Chrome tabs appear in the Android recents list (task list) Aimed at simplifying multitasking. Developers can have parts of their apps appear as separate items in recents.#

Links in web pages to the Android apps. Will be open to all Android app developers.#

Google play services ships every six weeks. Factory reset provision (kill switch). #

Cross platform principles#

Everything contextually aware. #

Voice enabled#


Mobile first#

Android Wear#

Ok Google... voice recognition. #

Cancel notifications on the watch and they are canceled on the phone. #

Demo fail. Take a note was supposed to add to Google Keep, but didn't wake.#

Starting to feel like they are showing how a watch could completely replace using your phone. Some of this feels pressed. Not sure following a recipe on a watch is a good use case.#

LG G watch available to order later today on the Play store.#

Samsung Gear Live will also be available to order on the Play store.#

Moto 360 available to buy later this summer. #

Both the LG G and Samsung Gear watches have square screens.#

Android Auto - Open Automotive Alliance#

Connect the android phone to the car, the phone display is casted to the screen in the car. All the apps run on the phone. #

Seems like a lot of content on the screen, which may be too distracting.#

Android auto SDK#

Cars with Android auto by the end of the year. Ford and Chevrolet amongst those that are part of the Open Automotive Alliance#

Android TV#

Google cast / Chrome cast is a core part of this#

Casting without having to access the same WiFi network. Connects via the Internet, so you can case via mobile carrier.#

How well will this work in hotels?#

Rolling out to all users by end of the year#

Ambient experience / backdrop #

Personal photos shown as a screen saver#

Available to all Chromecast users later this summer#

Does this work with the TV turn off? Or do you have to keep it on the Chromecast HDMI? #

Cast phone screen to the TV#

Laptops / Chromebooks#

Android for Work#

Data isolation and security for corporate and personal data in Android L. Bundled up in a separate app for backward compatibility for older versions of Android. Samsung contributing Knox to the Android platform. Certified Android for work. Includes HP.#

Native Office editing in the Google Docs suite of apps. Example, no more conversion between MS Office and Google Docs. #

Drive for Work provides encryption in transit and at rest. Unlimited storage for $10 per user per month.#

The story of Happy Friends. Dave has gone and done it, and made another tool for Twitter. Happy Friends provides a simple way to narrow the focus of the Twitter stream to a specific person that you follow by just showing their tweets. Of course, the father of outlining would organize the people you are watching in an outline. It looks like a really handy way to get a really focused view of what a person is saying on Twitter, in addition to just watching the Twitter stream.#

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