Not sure how to feel about this. I found a web site on the web that publishes IT information in PDF. In order to get the PDFs you have to complete a small survey. Some of the fields on the survey are labeled "optional" yet apparently the web page is checking to see whether they are completed and if not is not allowing for download. Is the poor programming indicative of the quality of the publications I am trying to download?#

T-Mobile Music Freedom: Net neutrality possibly threatened.#

Isaiah 55:8: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord." Now that is really good news! #

T-Mobile Announced Test Drive and unRadio Services. Ironically, while Amazon & AT&T did not announce music streaming that doesn't count against a data cap, T-Mobile has announced a music streaming service that not only doesn't count against a cap, but apparently doesn't count against your data. #

Android: ART vs Dalvik battle is over, as former wins. I could switch to ART on my Moto X right now, but I fear that some of my apps won't run. #

Paul Thurrott on the Amazon Fire Phone: "It's not OK because continually 'buying stuff,' or at the least being confronted by a sales pitch, as you are when you view items in the device's Fire OS and it shows you related items in the store, is not any human being's primary activity."#

D.G. Meyers, who is dying, on time: "The difference is that when you are conscious of choosing how to spend your time, and when you discover that you enjoy your choices, they take on a meaning they could never have had before."#

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