BBC News - Amazon Fire Phone: The best web reaction.#

I watched Engadget's first look at Amazon's Fire phone and while the Dynamic Perspective looks ok, I don't think it is compelling. #

Amazon Fire Phone - 13MP Camera, 32GB - Shop Now. Not seeing anything here that makes this a must buy. It feels like the fanciful "Facebook" phones.#

$199 on two year AT&T contract, so no different purchase price than any other smartphone.#

Something called Dynamic Perspective that uses four infrared cameras to detect a user's face and display depth of field viewing within the display on the phone (3D like). #

Firefly feature that will do image recognition and assist with purchasing of products captured with the camera. #

Unlimited photo storage on Amazon's cloud storage.#

Todoist is Now on Zapier, Connecting Tasks to Over 280 Apps. I have not heard of Zapier, but it sounds like a competitor to, which I already use. I wish Todoist had a channel on it.#

New Todoist Plugin for Gmail to Help Conquer Your Inbox. Added to my Gmail account.#

Woz, in a letter to the FCC about net neutrality: "What if we paid for our roads per mile that we drove? It would be fair and understandable to charge more for someone who drives more. But one of the most wonderful things in our current life is getting in the car and driving anywhere we feel like at this moment, and with no accounting for cost. You just get in your car and go. This is one of the most popular themes of our life and even our popular music."#

U.S. Patent Office cancels Washington Redskins trademark And Twitter blows up with alternate names for the Redskins. #

I am curious about the Amazon smartphone, but not sure it will be something that I will want.#

Flooding on the route I normally take to work. Yeah, that would have made commute suck.#

Wireless label maker is a boon for cable-hating office supply fetishists.#

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