Jackson Wu: "Westerners tend to talk about personal identity based on one’s differences. However, there is another side to identity–– how we are similar to those around us."#

Cubby Blue: "They beat San Diego 5-1 last night which is always nice since every time I see a Padre the room falls away and it's suddenly October '84 and I hate Steve Garvey all over again." Or the ball going through Leon Durham's legs at first! #

"Subscribe" to OPML Lists in Fargo. An even quicker/dirtier approach is to simply copy the link to the OPML file, then go in to Fargo and click File, Open by URL and paste the link in to the dialog. The approach described in the link shows how to save the links to the OPML files to an outline. It looks like it will work real well with the script for reading RSS feeds in Fargo that Jeffrey wrote about yesterday.#

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