Hands-on with the Acer Aspire Switch 10 multi-mode tablet - Liliputing. A 1.3 lb tablet sounds heavy.#

I wish the Evernote web clipper provided a way to add reminders to items I clip. #

Clean-out day: Detroit Red Wings depart for off-season, plan internal improvements. Doesn't sounds like Ken Holland has plans to be aggressive in the free agent market. I do think patience within the fan base is starting to wear thin. #

More rumors about Google changing the Nexus products lineup. It is interesting to see Google flailing about trying to settle on a mobile device strategy. For the most part they have followed the traditional OEM strategy, but the Motorola acquisition, along with Nexus and Google Play Edition have been variants on that approach. With Motorola, Google tried the "Apple make the hardware and software approach", but didn't have the patience to see if it worked. #

Acer Iconia One 7 hands-on: I don't think the low-spec, low price path is the way to go for tablets. I think tablets need a really compelling use case, and nobody other than Apple and Microsoft is even attempting to provide one for consumers. Ironically, I think both Apple and Microsoft are promoting the same use case for tablets, that being as a desktop and notebook replacement.#

Microsoft May Have Sold Well Over a Million Surface Tablets Last Quarter. I saw a Microsoft Surface tablet in the wild for the first time last week. I've been reading about how Apple iPad sales have been down, leading to speculation about what that means about the tablet market. I do wonder Microsoft's "PC monitor replacement" approach to tablets may be a winning strategy in the long run because it makes the tablet a better desktop and notebook computer replacement.#

North Carolina’s Gay-Marriage Ban Is Challenged by Church. Finally, someone is formally raising the question of whether legal bans on gay marriage is a violation of the first amendment. It is naive to think that views on gay marriage are not driven by religion, and the fact is there are different views on gay marriage within religions. In my mind, picking one side of a religious debate over another in a way that restricts rights on individuals is unconstitutional. If the SCOTUS is truly originalists, then they ought to see this.#

As an aside, I think there really needs to be an understanding of what marriage is to the state. I believe that from the state's perspective, a marriage is really a contract between two people. Why is it that divorces occur in courts and not in churches? Because ultimately, a divorce is a legal break of a contract between two parties that involves deciding with whom shared property goes to after the contract no longer exists. #

A state ban on gay marriage then is preventing two parties from entering into a contract. Now, again, from a state point of view, what is the purpose for that contract? Isn't it so that two parties can legally share property, and enter into contracts jointly like with mortgages and insurance? #

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