IBM Puts All Its Cloud Apps in One Place.#

The Guardian: "The NRA is no longer concerned with merely protecting the Second Amendment's right to bear arms – the gun lobby wants to use those arms on its fellow citizens. Or, as the NRA thinks of them: 'the bad guys'." Isn't this the logical conclusion for what is essentially an industry organization? The gun industry wants to make more money by selling more guns. Not as many people hunt as those who fear others, so let's convince them they need to be armed. Armed by the guns that they sell. Fear makes a lot people rich in the United States.#

First security flaw Microsoft won’t fix in Windows XP has been found - TechBlog.#

How To Tell If Someone Hacked Your Computer, Email Accounts, Gmail.#

Really Useful IFTTT Recipes for Android Users.#

Use Andy to emulate Android on your desktop - CNET.#

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