IFTTT Android release today: I am looking forward to giving my phone a little IFTTT magic. #

I've installed IFTTT on my HTC One and it works as advertised. Recipes that I am using include changing wallpaper, uploading screenshots to Dropbox, and muting my phone during meetings. #

GigaOm: "Whether or not you think this is a good idea, inserting any sort of commercial relationship into delivering last mile web content –outside of what the end-consumer pays the ISP — is not network neutrality. So let’s stop calling it that."#

Rumors are that a Microsoft Surface Mini to debut in mid-May. I also read another article saying that Microsoft intends it to be the best note taking tablet available. I am interested in seeing what this tablet has to offer, but after using the Galaxy Note 8 for a year, I am starting to wonder whether an 8 inch screen is large enough for handwriting.#

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