So, I sit A.J. Burnett on my fantasy baseball team because he has a hernia injury, and of course he pitches a shut out through seven innings.#

Google Camera: What's new, and a guide to the latest features.#

Fargo 1.54 adds the ability to grab a copy of a Wordpress blog and edit it.#

Something has happened to the Settings dialog. When I follow the instructions and click the System menu (My Dropbox name), Settings, I see the following dialog. Shouldn't I see a Blog tab? In other words, there is no Blog panel. #

12 Reasons Why Bowling Is God’s Favorite Sport.#

Of the pictures that I have "discovered" to use as backgrounds, I think I like the one for April 11 the most.#

Maundy Thursday: Memo from Simon#

Orchard Lake Rd/14 Mile Rd roundabout construction in Farmington Hills is delayed until next year. This is a major intersection near my house, and this construction is going to cause major headaches. #

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