BGR: "And so begins the story of Amazon’s first smartphone." I am having a hard time imagining the value of a 3D interface for a smartphone. My first reaction is Amazon is trying too hard to be different. #

Twitter / ShawnLeyLive Tigers game postponed because it snowed. On tax day. In Detroit. (Actually I don't know why the game is postponed, but I think it's because nobody, fan, player, umpire, concession person, would have any fun.)#

Note to self: Farmington road will be shut down from 12 mile road to 10 mile road starting April 23.#

On Monday of Holy Week, Mark uses the story of Jesus cursing a fig tree, and the discovery of it withered away the next day, to explain Jesus's actions in the temple on that Monday. Borg and Crossan suggest that Mark has Jesus figuratively "shutting down" the temple.#

Tuesday of Holy Week in Mark the contains the most narrative of the entire week. On this day you see a series of challenges and responses between Jesus and the religious leaders of the day. #

First, Jesus's authority is challenged, then Jesus compares the temple authorities to greedy tenants. Jesus is asked whether or not the Jews should pay taxes to Caesar, exposing the authorities own lack of credibility by simply asking for a coin. Jesus is asked about the resurrection of the dead, which he seems to brush off by saying that God is God of the living, not of the dead.#

The only positive dialog occurs between Jesus and a scribe, with the scribe asking Jesus for a concise summary of what it means to be loyal to God. Jesus responds with "love God, and love your neighbor." The scribe affirms this response and then indicts the temple authorities by saying, "..this is much more important than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices." (Mark 12:33) Despite this positive interaction, Jesus then goes on to challenge scribal teaching and practices.#

After these sparing rounds between Jesus and the authorities, Jesus and the disciples head back to Bethany, and on the way Mark has Jesus explicitly saying the temple will be destroyed. The disciples ask Jesus about how they will know this will happen, he provides his longest speech recorded in Mark, which is known as the Little Apocalypse.#

We don't often hear about Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Jesus's last week on earth and I often wonder why. Is it, perhaps, because he challenged the religious leaders of his day and the religious leaders of our day don't particularly like the message that Jesus has about them?#

Google unveils email scanning practices in new terms of service Why is this news? #

I hadn't thought of this when I saw the news yesterday that the Office for Web apps are now available in the Chrome web store. This should put an end to the Scroogled advertisements, no?#

Woke up to about an inch of snow on the ground! #

Latest forecast - We set the record for the snowiest snowfall season in Detroit, with 94.8 inches of snow during 2013-14. #

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