For the last six weeks I have been leading a discussion group at my church on a book titled "The Last Week: What The Gospels Really Teach About Jesus's Final Days In Jerusalem" by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan. Each chapter of the book focuses on one day of this week, Holy Week, using the Gospel of Mark as its guide.#

In the chapter on Monday we learn about a technique that Mark uses to help provide meaning to a particular story. Monday starts in Bethany with Jesus approaching a fig tree expecting to find fruit, but does not and therefore curses the tree. Next, we find Jesus in the temple with his disciples and what takes place is what is commonly known as Jesus cleansing the temple. #

The day ends with Jesus and the disciples returning to Bethany. The next morning the disciples notice that the fig tree that Jesus cursed the previous day had withered away. #

What does the story of the fig tree have to say about Jesus's actions in the temple on that Monday? What did it have to say for the religious leaders? #

A couple of inches of snow are in tonight's forecast. Does snow in spring count towards a winter snow fall record?#

Chrome OS now lets you dock small apps on the side.#

Windows Phone 8.1 review I see lots of positive things being written about the latest release of Windows Phone. Question: Does it now have a way to access Google Calendar? If I have to move my information from where I keep it today to a Microsoft world, that is a huge problem. #

While we have had high winds were I live, back in the home land they are dealing with another snow storm.#

"The irony of this is that Obamacare's successes are, in many cases, conservatism's successes."#

While most people focus on Joe's draft picks, I think it really went downhill after Flip Saunders left. The real difference is that during the years that the Piston's were successful (2001-2008) they had good, proven coaching. I also feel like Joe got stuck in an "m-o" of trying to find a diamond in the rough. So much praise was given onto him for "finding" players like Ben Wallace and Chauncy Billups, that it seems like all Joe focused on was trying to find a player and coach from amongst those who other's didn't want.#

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