Do you remember FoxTrax?#

Engadget: "sporting goods maker Wilson has revealed its new, smart basketball." Sensors in the ball with the ability to pair the ball with an app. Sounds like this could be really useful for training, but I wonder whether the "smart ball" would be used in competition.#

Evernote: Save cooking recipes in Evernote, and tag the note with “grocerytrip” to have Grocerytrip automatically pull ingredients into a shopping list for you, sorting items by store aisles for quick access.#

Tigers remain the only unbeaten team in MLB. #

Miguel Cabrera gets 2,000th hit in Tigers win.#

Lazy morning. Sauntered downstairs at noon. Just started watching the Tigers.#

Wisconsin is hanging in against Kentucky. Just a few minutes ago it looked like Kentucky was taking over the game.#

Florida was dominating in the first ten minutes of the game, but then Connecticut started playing better and took a three point lead in to half time. Connecticut went on to win. I had Florida beating Arizona in the finals, so all my picks are done. NCAA March Madness Live#

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