What worship styles do millenials prefer? The direct answer is “none of the above.”#

When I see comments like this I just can't help but think that for some, the bible is an idol. #

The Millenial Pastor: "As I watched Noah, I couldn’t help but see this question as the real issue. Is humanity redeemable? Aronovsky seems to have come to the same place that the bible comes to over and over again. Human beings just cannot redeem themselves."#

Lutherans: More than good looks and jello.#

Elizabeth Esther: "Christians do NOT abandon children. Period. No matter what." What is worse is the justifications people write in the comments section of this post. My recommendation is to open up your bibles to Mark, Matthew, Luke, or John and see with whom Jesus had issues with and why he had those issues. #

We're Not No. 1! "The Social Progress Index is a brainchild of Michael E. Porter, the eminent Harvard business professor who earlier helped develop the Global Competitiveness Report. Porter is a Republican whose work, until now, has focused on economic metrics."#

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