IFTTT now available for iPads. Need to check this out.#

GigaOm: "Dror Oren, executive director at SRI Ventures, says SRI has built a method that could let users snap a photo (or several) of their plates to get an approximate calorie count." Perfect! The main problem with the calorie counting apps that I have tried is that they don't have all the foods that I eat in their database, particularly items that I cook for myself.#

Sudden battery drain on your Android phone? the solution is simple: Reboot your phone#

In order to prevent this battery drain, Auto Pilot Mode will detect when the signal is below a certain threshold. via BGR#

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! Beat the Pirates 3-2. Three close games with the previous division champs. #

Twitter / lensweet: Discipleship not a moral code, ...#

Twitter / joecharlevoix: 12" to 16" inches forecasted for parts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Nothing like a spring snow storm in the U.P.!#

A Jesus Kind Of Church: "My report on Jesus' sermon would say something like this: Jesus encountered religion—and religion was definitely not happy."#

Brad Jersak: "Now many Christian church-goers have never heard of midrash, but they will have seen many examples of it when reading the New Testament, because Jesus, Paul and Peter are were all especially fond of using midrash. Often they leave us scratching our heads about how they get away with taking verses so ‘out of context’ — when in fact, their ‘hermeneutical’ (interpretive) rules are simply not those of some modern Evangelicals who wear their ties too tight."#

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