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Do you see value in the free version of Microsoft Office for iPad? I don't. #

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Microsoft Office for iPad Review by Paul Thurrott.#

Speaking of which, Office for iPad is free. You are going to hear this a lot, but it is free as a viewer. Frankly, I don't consider viewing documents as "Office," there are plenty of office document viewers out there. In my opinion, a real version of Office is one in which you can create documents, as you can do on a desktop, and in order to do that on an iPad you will have to pay $60 per year. For my needs, I can get by just fine with existing, lower cost products.#

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"UpTo works on both Android and iOS, but the company decided to launch on the Apple platform first, because that product is more mature," according to Schwartz. #

David Henson: "In the past 24 hours, we just witnessed the extent evangelicals will go to keep LGBTQ+ people marginalized, to keep an organization from the simple thing of recognizing their already legal marriages. They will starve children. They will deprive impoverished communities of aid and help."#

The gospel of Jesus Christ is never at stake.#

Matthew 22:36-40 It amazes me how people who claim to be followers of Jesus disagree about how to express love. First, and foremost, love is an emotion, one that comes from deep within not just from our heart but also from our bowels. Love is not expressed by telling someone about their sins, nor is it expressed by telling them they need to seek forgiveness. It is expressed by having compassion, putting your arms around them and kissing them. It's expressed by never giving up. #

I am wondering whether the anticipated announcement of Microsoft Office for the iPad is really big news at this point. It would have been bigger a few years ago. CONCLUSION: No! If you are already an Office 365 subscriber, you may be happy, but for those people who are not will not like the idea of paying $60 per year to create Office documents on an iPad.#

Satya Nadella press briefing webcast will occur at 1 PM EST.#

Team Microsoft#

Innovation agenda#

Cloud first, mobile first#

Office for iPad, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, available in the iPad iTunes App Store, price? Freemium, free to read documents, to create documents need an Office 365 subscription. The lowest prices for Office 365 is $60 per year. #

Microsoft InTune. Mobile device self-service management from a company portal. #

Azure Active Directory, AD in the cloud. Single sign-on for cloud apps, includes multi-factor authentication. Microsoft is providing a way to integrate this authentication with native apps on the mobile platforms. "Facebook for enterprise."#

Enterprise Mobility Suite: InTune, and Azure Active Directory#

Intersection of mobility and cloud#

Next week, at Build, Microsoft will show innovations in Windows. #

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