I wonder when archiving will be added to noteblogs. Clearly at some point the stream is going to get too long. #

A fresh look for Google Alerts#

BGR: "Announced on Tuesday morning, the second-generation HTC One hero phone bests its predecessor in every way, highlighted by a fresh new design that is somehow even more sleek and elegant than the original model."#

Jared Allen chooses Chicago Bears I was hoping that the Packers would pick him up, it would have signified a real investment in their defense after signing Peppers.#

What the reviews say about the HTC One M8 — Tech News and Analysis.#

viaProtect lets you know exactly what your apps are up to so you can decide whether they're worth keeping.#

Looking at my web notes for March 25 makes me realize I did more blogging yesterday than I have in a long time. I think it's totally about the bookmarklet and small snippets of information.#

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