Detroit News: "A week ago, many were willing to give them up for dead. Others were more delicate."#

Engadget: "A great phone, but no longer a game-changer."#

Matt Miller: "My biggest gripe about the M7 was the lack of detail in the UltraPixel camera. Since that wasn't fixed, I think I'll be skipping the M8 for now."#

I've been keeping my HTC One in a case for the last year, but I've decided to take it out of the case and use it case-less. The result is I feel like I have a new phone! #

Do you miss 1984? Bitchin'! Join the club.#

Google has lowered prices for their cloud services. I need to check out setting up a VM in this environment.#

“We don’t think you should have to choose between those two apparent opposites,” said Urs Hölzle, who oversees Google’s cloud services.#

Microsoft believes the children are our future, and to prove it, it's teamed up with the Computer History Museum to make source code available for two groundbreaking programs: MS-DOS and Word for Windows.#

Strange thing about the Google Maps background capability released yesterday. When I move the mouse over the map and then use the scroll wheel the map zooms in and out as opposed to scrolling down the web page. I wonder if there is a way to prevent that.#

In my opinion, the fact that the new HTC One is available today is the most exciting thing about today's announcement by HTC. I think they are one of the first Android companies to release a new phone on the same day of the announcement.#

Just read Engadget's HTC One review (2014) and I am not terribly excited by what I see. I am happy with my current HTC One, although I find the Moto X software to be very appealing.#

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