How do you charge it? Motorola hasn’t said but Wicks did give some clues.#

Google ‘Nexus’ G Watch teased by LG I guess we know what attendees are going to get at this year's Google I/O.#

In-depth with Android Wear There are a lot of screenshots here, but not one showing the most important function of a watch. Showing the time!#

Samsung Said To Be Planning A SIM-Equipped Gear 2 Smartwatch. Is this Samsung's response to Android Wear? #

Google Hopes Android Wear is Spot On.#

You can tell your Android phone to take pictures or video by voice command — Tech News and Analysis.#

But if worse comes to worse, there are options out there which are similar to Google Voice in its current form, such as Line2. I wonder whether one will be able to port their Google Voice number to another service?#

it is the place where evil and love collide, and the question of “why?” is left hanging#

Eminem, Rihanna to play Comerica Park Aug. 22. Oh boy! #

Fargo the movie moves to Fargo the TV series, blogged in Fargo the outliner.#

If you add subitems to a node that is entirely a link, the link goes away and is replaced with expand/collapse.#

Dave has released the source code for the bookmarklet.#

How I did the bookmarklet.#

Ok, the menu has now changed. Looks like it took a while to change.#

Doesn't look like it. I will have to learn the CSS overrides / templates, because I really don't like the appearance of this site.#

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