Commndr for Google Now removes ‘Note to Self’ voice prompt - Android Community.#

Yesterday I built a Debian server to host the Fargo Publisher. Still have some dots to connect.#

Microsoft says super-cheap Windows devices are on the way. The race to the bottom continues. No matter how cheap, if the products are bad people won't buy them. Microsoft seems to be making an assumption that the only reason why people buy Chromebooks is because they are cheap. However, it think you will find some people prefer them because the hardware designs are nice AND they require less maintenance. A $200 Windows notebook that requires vigilance against viruses and malware is more expensive than a $200 Chromebook that does not.#

Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed (The Real Reason For The Forty-Hour Workweek).#

Is it wrong to be satisfied? By being satisfied I mean to not be driven for more, to not constantly push to "be all you can be?" Our culture says it is wrong to be satisfied, we should always be striving to improve, to achieve more, to accomplish more. #

Only working a 40 hour week? You are a slacker. Using all of your vacation time? You are a slacker. Wish you didn't have to work all the time? You are lazy. Not saving the world? Then you are not using the gifts God has given you. #

In my opinion churches ought to counter this cultural belief, but instead we feed it equally well. You've got to participate in more small groups, give more service, and give more money so that either more people can be hired or larger buildings can be built.#

If you don't do these things, you aren't truly part of our community. Instead of offering relief from a world obsessed with more, the church fully participates within and often encourages the cultural norm.#

In Luke 11:1-4, Jesus's disciples ask him to teach them how to pray, and Jesus answers in what we commonly call The Lord's Prayer. In verse 3 it says, "Give us each day our daily bread." In other words, please provide us just what we need for this day. #

You remember the words, don't you?#

The prayer goes on in verse 4, "And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone indebted to us." In most churches the word sin is used in this verse, I find it interesting that in Matthew's version of the Lord's prayer, this verse says "And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors." (Matthew 6:12). While we seem to want to equate "debt" with the idea of our debt to God, or rather sin, most likely Jesus really meant debt.#

In the time of Jesus debt, most often in the form of having your land foreclosed on in trade for food and other things one needed to live, was a big issue. The authorities, be they Jewish or Roman, in their obsession for more forced those around them into debt. It seems to me that Jesus is encouraging us to forgive debts on others, just as God has forgiven our debt to him. Or may be put another way, stop being obsessed with more, and be satisfied with "enough." #

In Matthew 6:25-34 we see Jesus telling us to not worry. Jesus says, "Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?" In Jesus's day marks of wealth included what you ate and what you wore. If you listen closely enough, I think you hear Jesus saying, "give up your obsession with more and rejoice in having enough. Be satisfied. Peace be with you."#

St. Lydia's: A Dinner Church in Brooklyn, New York. I think this is one of the coolest worship communities that I have come across.#

Every time I see a picture of these hot dog eaters I want to hurl. The whole watering down of the bun thing produces a gag reflex.#

Inbox - The next-generation email platform. I am simply glad to see that someone is doing something to improve e-mail.#

Surface Mini Unlikely to Ship This Summer. Paul Thurrott throws water on the Ev Leaks tweet yesterday that a Surface Mini will appear this summer. My hope remains in the fact that Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley were both wrong about whether the Surface Mini would be announced when the Surface 3 was announced.#

How To Convince Conservative Christians That Global Warming Is Real. I really don't get the conservative Christian resistance to concerns about climate change. If you are going to be literal about the creation story, didn't God give us responsibility for his creation? #

Surface Mini Release Date: Summer launch, according to new report. I want this to be true.#

Djokovic wins, shows you what I know. I am impressed with his ability to overcome losing the fourth set.#

After a week offline, traveling around Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I am home in time to watch the men's Wimbledon final. Djokovic and Federer have gone to a fifth set. Djokovic blew a chance to win the match on his serve, therefore, I think Federer is going to win this match.#

Google Search for Android adds "OK, Google" support everywhere - Liliputing. Does this mean that the Google Experience Launcher is no more?#

Google Puts the Phone at the Center of Its Multiscreen Universe.#

Engadget: "Living in a Google world: Why Android L means you'll never have to disconnect."#

Watch a brief video of the Samsung Gear Live Android Wear watch. From the video, to my eyes the Gear Live looks as large as the old SPOT watch I used to wear. I am going to hold out for the Moto 360. The Gear Live is going to cost just under $200, so I am guessing the Moto 360 will be closer to $250. I think the Moto 360 is going to be really popular if looks IRL as good as the video and pictures on the Internet.#

The Android "L" Developer Preview#

Common look across platforms, Chrome OS, tablets, and smartphones#

Preview being released to developers today#

Material design = card layout? #

Animated touch feedback#

Unified set of style guidelines#

Dialer is the first show case to the new Material Design#

Interact with notifications on the lock screen. #

Personal Logins (Personal unlocking). User can specify what devices to trust. Enhanced version of what is on the Moto X. I love this feature on my Moto x.#

Will run exclusively on the ART runtime. Will give performance improvement. No application changes. #


Project Volta, latest attempt at improving battery life. Improve instrumentation on battery data. #

Battery saver mode#

Chrome for Mobile#

Smooth animations#

Chrome tabs appear in the Android recents list (task list) Aimed at simplifying multitasking. Developers can have parts of their apps appear as separate items in recents.#

Links in web pages to the Android apps. Will be open to all Android app developers.#

Google play services ships every six weeks. Factory reset provision (kill switch). #

Cross platform principles#

Everything contextually aware. #

Voice enabled#


Mobile first#

Android Wear#

Ok Google... voice recognition. #

Cancel notifications on the watch and they are canceled on the phone. #

Demo fail. Take a note was supposed to add to Google Keep, but didn't wake.#

Starting to feel like they are showing how a watch could completely replace using your phone. Some of this feels pressed. Not sure following a recipe on a watch is a good use case.#

LG G watch available to order later today on the Play store.#

Samsung Gear Live will also be available to order on the Play store.#

Moto 360 available to buy later this summer. #

Both the LG G and Samsung Gear watches have square screens.#

Android Auto - Open Automotive Alliance#

Connect the android phone to the car, the phone display is casted to the screen in the car. All the apps run on the phone. #

Seems like a lot of content on the screen, which may be too distracting.#

Android auto SDK#

Cars with Android auto by the end of the year. Ford and Chevrolet amongst those that are part of the Open Automotive Alliance#

Android TV#

Google cast / Chrome cast is a core part of this#

Casting without having to access the same WiFi network. Connects via the Internet, so you can case via mobile carrier.#

How well will this work in hotels?#

Rolling out to all users by end of the year#

Ambient experience / backdrop #

Personal photos shown as a screen saver#

Available to all Chromecast users later this summer#

Does this work with the TV turn off? Or do you have to keep it on the Chromecast HDMI? #

Cast phone screen to the TV#

Laptops / Chromebooks#

Android for Work#

Data isolation and security for corporate and personal data in Android L. Bundled up in a separate app for backward compatibility for older versions of Android. Samsung contributing Knox to the Android platform. Certified Android for work. Includes HP.#

Native Office editing in the Google Docs suite of apps. Example, no more conversion between MS Office and Google Docs. #

Drive for Work provides encryption in transit and at rest. Unlimited storage for $10 per user per month.#

The story of Happy Friends. Dave has gone and done it, and made another tool for Twitter. Happy Friends provides a simple way to narrow the focus of the Twitter stream to a specific person that you follow by just showing their tweets. Of course, the father of outlining would organize the people you are watching in an outline. It looks like a really handy way to get a really focused view of what a person is saying on Twitter, in addition to just watching the Twitter stream.#

Now that I have had success installing River4 on Heroku, I am thinking again about whether to move my Fargo content to a domain that I own. It looks like in order to do this I need to install fargoPublisher and then configure it for an S3 bucket that I own.#

I've deployed my own installation of River 4 on Heroku. So far everything is working ok.#

Former Red Wings Dominik Hasek, Mike Modano among Hockey Hall of Fame's 2014 class.#

Yahoo Releases Aviate Homescreen For Android To Organize Your Life. Installed on my Galaxy Note 8, and I wish it provided a way to create my own customized spaces.#

June 23: The Sandberg Game. I remember watching this game, it was a big turning point and made the fall of 1984 unforgettable for Cubs fans. It was literally a hall of fame game for Sandberg. What made it all the more significant is that the homers came off Bruce Sutter, who was the best reliever in baseball and had been a Cub. Today, no manager would keep their closer in the game for more than an inning. #

Docker containers to take a bite out of virtualisation market, says Forrester - Computerworld. Sounds like Solaris zones.#

It is fireworks day in Detroit. Which is why I am working from home.#

I've seen the Detroit Freedom Festival fireworks in person twice. During the very first summer that I lived in metro Detroit, a bunch of us from work took the afternoon off and went to Hart Plaza to settle in and watch the fireworks. We got to the site by 3 PM, the fireworks started at 10 PM. We had a great site and I remember lying on my back watching the huge fireworks going off over head, with just a bit of fear that they would fall on me. They were the best fireworks that I had every seen!#

The second time I saw them was with Ruth, may be five years ago or more. Thanks to work, we were able to get "reserved" spots on the river side of the Renaissance Center, another prime viewing location. We brought lawn chairs, and got to our spot shortly after work around 6 PM. A lot of sitting around waiting, but again the fireworks were awesome.#

When I saw the fireworks the first time, there were just a million or more people going into the city, finding spots along the river, and left to come up with their own entertainment. Now, with the river front greatly renovated, there is a festival that runs the entire weekend, starting last Thursday evening. Detroit has made a huge effort to make the fireworks family friendly. #

As much fun as it is, there are still a million or more people who come in to the city and I am not much in to big crowds. If we are to see them in person again, I would like to watch them from the Windsor (Canada) side of the river or reserve a room in the Marriott. In either case we would likely need to take the next day off work as we wouldn't be able to get home until very early the next morning.#

If you live in the metro Detroit area and have never seen the fireworks in person, I do think it is something you must do at least once. Residents in the area ought to be proud of the fact that one of the best fireworks shows in the U.S. occurs in their city.#

Not sure how to feel about this. I found a web site on the web that publishes IT information in PDF. In order to get the PDFs you have to complete a small survey. Some of the fields on the survey are labeled "optional" yet apparently the web page is checking to see whether they are completed and if not is not allowing for download. Is the poor programming indicative of the quality of the publications I am trying to download?#

T-Mobile Music Freedom: Net neutrality possibly threatened.#

Isaiah 55:8: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord." Now that is really good news! #

T-Mobile Announced Test Drive and unRadio Services. Ironically, while Amazon & AT&T did not announce music streaming that doesn't count against a data cap, T-Mobile has announced a music streaming service that not only doesn't count against a cap, but apparently doesn't count against your data. #

Android: ART vs Dalvik battle is over, as former wins. I could switch to ART on my Moto X right now, but I fear that some of my apps won't run. #

Paul Thurrott on the Amazon Fire Phone: "It's not OK because continually 'buying stuff,' or at the least being confronted by a sales pitch, as you are when you view items in the device's Fire OS and it shows you related items in the store, is not any human being's primary activity."#

D.G. Meyers, who is dying, on time: "The difference is that when you are conscious of choosing how to spend your time, and when you discover that you enjoy your choices, they take on a meaning they could never have had before."#

BBC News - Amazon Fire Phone: The best web reaction.#

I watched Engadget's first look at Amazon's Fire phone and while the Dynamic Perspective looks ok, I don't think it is compelling. #

Amazon Fire Phone - 13MP Camera, 32GB - Shop Now. Not seeing anything here that makes this a must buy. It feels like the fanciful "Facebook" phones.#

$199 on two year AT&T contract, so no different purchase price than any other smartphone.#

Something called Dynamic Perspective that uses four infrared cameras to detect a user's face and display depth of field viewing within the display on the phone (3D like). #

Firefly feature that will do image recognition and assist with purchasing of products captured with the camera. #

Unlimited photo storage on Amazon's cloud storage.#

Todoist is Now on Zapier, Connecting Tasks to Over 280 Apps. I have not heard of Zapier, but it sounds like a competitor to, which I already use. I wish Todoist had a channel on it.#

New Todoist Plugin for Gmail to Help Conquer Your Inbox. Added to my Gmail account.#

Woz, in a letter to the FCC about net neutrality: "What if we paid for our roads per mile that we drove? It would be fair and understandable to charge more for someone who drives more. But one of the most wonderful things in our current life is getting in the car and driving anywhere we feel like at this moment, and with no accounting for cost. You just get in your car and go. This is one of the most popular themes of our life and even our popular music."#

U.S. Patent Office cancels Washington Redskins trademark And Twitter blows up with alternate names for the Redskins. #

I am curious about the Amazon smartphone, but not sure it will be something that I will want.#

Flooding on the route I normally take to work. Yeah, that would have made commute suck.#

Wireless label maker is a boon for cable-hating office supply fetishists.#

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